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Quality Shows, Quality Venues, at an Exceptional Value


 Are you ready for a Comedy Show Fundraiser?  More Venues, More Comics, Less cost.

Take advantage of our NEW affordable packages,and raise the money needed for your team, all in one shot!



Here’s how it works:
We set everything up for you all the team has to do is sell $10 tickets to the Comedy show which includes
Free admission to the night club after the show.
(Staples, Kinko’s, or our company; can print/design these tickets for you the average cost is $20 per 100 tickets)

To start you only need to sell 50 tickets to cover 1 Host, 1 DJ & 3 Comedians.

$100 deposit to holds your date. The venue is included!

If the team sells 50 to 100 TICKETS, COST $300 – PROFIT UP TO $700
If the team sells 101 to 200 TICKETS, COST $400 – PROFIT UP TO $1,600
If the team sells 201 to 300 TICKETS, COST $500 – PROFIT UP TO $2,500
If the team sells  301 to 400 TICKETS, COST $600 – PROFIT UP TO $3,400
Note: Add $200 if you would like us to come to your location (School, Park, Auditorium, Gym, Etc).
The bigger the audience the bigger the show this means bigger comedians we can book for you,
so its very important to communicate your ticket sales with us.
3 days before your event you must email, text or call in your tickets sales. This will help us set up and staff accordingly.  

It is the responsibility of the organization having the event to take tickets and/or money,

at the opening of the doors the day of the event so please arrive

15 min’s prior to your scheduled start time to set up.  

The handling of the money is done by the team treasurer, president, team mom or coach.

Final payment is due on the day of the event before the show starts,

please bring cash so that we can pay the comedians.

Please provide two separate (different) dates just in case we are already booked.
We need 2 First Names and Phone numbers for the info part at the bottom of the flyer & tickets.
A $100 deposit holds your date.
Very important, we need a head count 3 days before the event of sold tickets only
We encourage you to do raffles the day of the event. Best way is to have some people donate some prizes,
gift cards & gift baskets.  



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