Los Angeles,CA,USA

Our Venues

10 Locations:


  •  Sage Restaurant & Lounge ~ City Of  Whittier- 300 CAPACITY (See Website)


  •   Azul Lounge ~ City of Alhambra- 150 CAPACITY (See Website)  
  • Rio Nilo Nightclub ~ City of Fullerton- 400 CAPACITY (See Website)
  •  La Pescadora Restaurant ~ City of Whittier 100 CAPACITY (See Website)
  • French Quarter Bar & Grill ~ City of Bellflower- 300 CAPACITY  (See Website)
  • Topos Restaurant Bar ~ City of Chino- 200 CAPACITY (See Website)

 Note: Locations upon availability – No coupon, groupon or promotional codes will be accepted during these events at any of the venues listed above.  OTHER LOCATIONS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST
 If you have any questions please feel free to call us,
Robert M. 626-235-9500
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